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Pin the Macho on the Man Game
Pin the Macho on the Man Game Quantity in Basket: None
Code: ED0001079
Price: $11.50
Here's how it works. You have a few with your friends, bridesmaids and other female family members and break out this game when things are just getting started. Sure the bride's upside down pole dance was humorous but it is time for some real fun. Help this poor man out and pin that macho back where it belongs. The game includes the Macho Man Poster (24 x 36 inches) and 25 units(pun intended) to pin on to our unitless stud. The units come in different shapes: hot dogs, trouts, barber poles, snakes and all sorts of strange apendiges. Take turns with a blindfold on and try to set this man straight. You will have to supply your own tape and blindfold. Pin the Macho on the Man!

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